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Helpful (& Free) Online Tools For Organization & Inspiration: Houzz & Pinterest

Organization: for some of us the word inspires fearful images of hopelessly large stacks of paper, boxes of pieces of life collected throughout the years, or mystery files gathered on various forgotten hard drives. Whether looking to purchase a new home, taking on a kitchen remodel, or building a new home, organization can be the […]

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One More Thing To Do When Preparing For Hurricanes in Hawaii

Hurricanes are simply a part of life here in Hawaii. Thankfully, such storms have had very little impact on the state since 1992. As a long-time resident of the Big Island, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa always bring a sense of security to me knowing that, historically, the cool winds dissipate the hurricanes, converting them […]

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The Premier Original Charter Service in Luxury, Hawaii Yachts / Global Ocean Club

For the past few months, Hawaii residents and tourists have been mesmerized by the magnificent $300M yacht traveling our coastal waters. Docked for several months in Honolulu, the mega yacht has been traveling the shores of the Big Island’s west coast for the past few weeks. A beautiful vessel owned by a Russian billionaire that […]

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