Tesla Offers Eco-Chic on the Big Island


Hawaii’s gas prices are always a topic of conversation between locals and friends visiting the island. According to Hawaiigasprices.com, today the average price for regular gas here in Kailua Kona is $4 or more per gallon! Thankfully, technology for the electric vehicle has expanded from the average Prius into luxury vehicles such as Tesla.

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It’s exciting to see that today’s luxury good connoisseurs now have a variety of electric vehicles to choose from. What caught my attention was an add published last July by Tesla Motors announcing that the Model S sedan is now available here in Hawaii! Luxury consumers may now order custom Tesla Model S vehicles for delivery via Teslamotors.com.

Eco Luxury on the Big Island | Tesla Hawaii

To attract eco commuters, Hualalai Four Seasons Resort has even installed charging stations in parking stalls to ensure you are able to charge your battery while visiting the resort. According to an article recently published in the West Hawaii Today, a company called Charge Bliss is making an effort to install charging stations island-wide to ensure electric vehicle owners’ batteries will remained charged across the island.

Current and Proposed Charging Stations | Photo by West Hawaii Today

Some island residents are even taking their eco luxury a step further by installing photovoltaic systems into their homes, so that both their home and vehicles are powered by Hawaiian sunshine. For instance, this magnificent estate at Hualalai Resort, with its extensive 17.2 KW net meter photovoltaic system, is essentially powered completely by the sun!

Eco Luxury on the Big Island at Hualalai Four Seasons Resort | 72-126 Pu’u Kole St.

Just like a Porche, according to their website, the Tesla dealership on Oahu offers a mobile service that flies interisland to service your vehicle as needed. As gas prices continue to fluctuate here in Hawaii and across the nation, more and more Hawaii residents are reconsidering their vehicles and opting to go eco-chic.

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For more information about Tesla vehicles, or to schedule a test drive, visit Teslamotors.com.